Nyami Jewels raw materials

Organic shapes metal


Nyami jewelry are handcrafted in silver 925 or  bronze.  These metals are completely polished in some collections, while are left partially opaque in others pieces so  to give the jewel a natural and organic aspect.

Pearls and precious stone are included in most jewels to make it more unique and precious.  

The pearls come from different origins: the white or pink ones are farmed from high-quality and carefully selected freshwater farms and come from Eastern seas. The Black pearls are saltwater pearls and they come from the Cook Islands, more precisely, from Manihiki farm, a faraway atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Cook Islands black pearls  are a very limited production and almost unique in Italy. The oysters that produce these pearls live only in non-polluted warm seas: it is for this reason that the families who work in their farming (only 160!) take care of keeping the sea clean, ensuring oyester a longer life and allowing them to reproduce.

The pearls is ensured on the jewel by an invisible silver pin, so that they are firmly fixed to it.

In some collections there are also precious natural stones as diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, rubies, and others.