Handmade Jewelry store

Creations inspired by the nature


Nyami handmade jewelry draws inspiration from the nature and its wonderful aspects, taking inspiration from the family environments of the designer Enrica Barri. The places of her childhood, near Como Lake and its breathtaking views, and the ones of adoption of the Ligurian Riviera, where the force of the sea characterizes each aspect of everyday life.

A common element between these two places: “mountains source of waters” as already praised by Manzoni in his Promessi Sposi. A strong and beautiful image of the nature, that causes astonishment and admiration: the same emotions that we found in these jewels, all unique handmade pieces realized with precious materials. 

It is this force, almost primordial, that come to light in the nature details and in these handmade jewelrly creations: everyone can realize the lightning of an emotion, a fragment of real life, an echo of an unforgettable day of your life, the energy released by each object when we let us go to the impressive beauty of the places around us.
An emotion without boundaries: from the small towns in the Ligurian Riviera, these jewels reached faraway countries, sometimes to release a tear of joy in those to whom they are given, sometimes as a prize for ourselves, to remind us how we are unique and perfect, even in our imperfections.