Handmade Jewelry store

Creations inspired by the nature


Artisan handmade Nyami jewelry draws its inspiration from the marvelous forms of nature and from Enrica Barri’s memories of both the Ligurian Riviera and of her childhood on Lake Como.

These two places have an element in common: “the mountains rising from the lake” celebrated by Manzoni in “The Betrothed”. 

It is a powerful beautiful image from nature bringing forth wonder and admiration. 

The same emotions are crystallized in Enrica’s handmade jewelry: each piece is a unique creation fashioned by hand out of precious materials.

It is an almost primordial force of nature that comes to light in these creations. Everyone can sense an emotion, a fragment of real life, an echo of an unforgettable day. This knows no boundaries.  From this small town on the Ligurian Riviera these jewels reach faraway countries. Sometimes they bring tear of joy in the loved ones who receive them.  Sometimes even as a gift to ourselves they remind us that we are unique.