Nyami Jewels materials used

Organic shapes jewelry


Silver 925, bronze, white or pink pearls and black peals from the Cook Islands are used to create NyamiJewelry.

Usually these materials are completely polished but in some collections they are left partially opaque  to give the jewelry a natural look.. 

The pearls come from different places.  The white or pink ones are farmed in carefully selected freshwater farms from the eastern sea.

The black pearls are saltwater pearls which come from the Cook Islands specifically from Manihiki farm, a faraway atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

 The Cook Island’s black pearls are one of a kind.  They are exclusive to Nyami collection in Italy.

The oyster which produces these pearls lives only in non-polluted warm seas. There are only 160 families which harvest these black pearls.  They take care to keep the ocean in that region clean thus ensuring a longer life for the oysters.

The pearls are firmly attached onto the jewelry by an invisible silver pin.

In some collections there are also precious natural stones such as diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, rubies, and others.