Handmade jewelry Made in Italy

Jewelry that convey the spirit of a place


Italy is famous worldwide for the beauties of its land, for the artists who have followed over the centuries, for its monuments which enrich every corner of this beautiful country, for its food, fashion, lifestyle and creativity: a heritage of inestimable value to be proud of everyday and which is the basis of the handmade jewelry Made in Italy by Nyami.

Over time the Made in Italy brand has acquired some characterizations, to which we try to give our contribution with our everyday work: authenticity in inspiration, quality in the creation and friendliness in service. By Nyami jewelry, we not only have met people all over the world, but we have also been in contact with their stories, their feelings and with the meaning that each one of these objects preserves

When we say that our jewels are handmade and Made in Italy, as they are entirely created in our Ligurian workshop in Sarzana, in province of La Spezia, we are not referring only to a geographical location or to a simple definition of the processing method: in this description, apparently cold, there is a world of values, history, diligence, dedication, skills, knowledges, relationships and emotions that we hope to be able to communicate in each one of our creation.