Hand-crafted jewelry creation

Unique handmade pieces


The manufacturing method of Nyami jewelry makes them real unique pieces: the technique used is the lost wax technique, completely by hand. A wax sculpture of the jewel is made: it is inserted in a plaster cast, then the wax is removed and the casted metal is poured into the formed cavity. The jewel realized in this way is extracted by breaking the plaster cast in which it was contained.

The making of a wax sculpture, that is melt to be replaced by the metal, and the need to break the plaster cast to extract the jewel – so it is not a mold – make possible the realization of unique pieces of Handmade Nyami Jewelry, irreproducible creations as the masterpiece of the natural world: they can be similar, but they will never be exactly equal, so even more fascinating.

Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets made in this way, are then enriched with precious stones and pearls. Even if they seem to be only leaned on the metal, they are firmly set with an invisible silver pin.

Then, the making of handmade Nyami jewelry involves a specific polishing method: except some cases, in which silver and bronze are polished and brightened, most collections involve the succession of matte and shiny parts. This gives them an appearence which is intentionally organic and natural