artisanal jewelry

Unique handcrafted pieces


Each Jewel has been designed and handcrafted in my atelier in Italy with various goldsmith techniques like lost wax, sand casting and electroforming  and are a limited production of Nyami only.

Lost wax technique: First a wax sculpture of the jewel is made.  It is inserted into a plaster cast, then the wax is removed by heat and the casted metal is poured into the cavity.  The jewel is extracted by breaking the plaster cast. After that the jewel are filed, soldered and finished by hand.  Stones or pearls are added to make it more preciuous

Sand cast technique:Sand casting is an ancient technique I have been experimenting on. I developed a unique method of sandcasting using local beach sands.  I create a mould using the sand of your favourite beach and then pour molten silver or bronze into the mould. Sometime it retain tiny stones from the beach making it a more unique and yours, keeping the soul of the place it has been created.  Some of the most precious ones hold a stone, such as a diamond, sapphires or ruby which have been casted together with the metal in some unusual way so to make each piece one of a kind.

Electroforming techniques: Eelectroforming process is the art of covering a real leaf so that the natural details and lightness  are preserved just like nature created. I somethime add a blue patina which makes it more unusual.




Most collections are created with an experimental combination of the above techniques. Some of them will have a  matte and shiny surfaces that will give them an organic appearance. Pearls and precious stones makes them more unique and original.