Handcrafted jewellery made in Italy 

In this collection nature is combined with mythology.  

The first inspiration comes from the sea, in particular from the soft and sinuous movements of the jellyfish (Medusa) which are carried on the waves.

The second source of inspiration are the corals and their mythological origin: the famous head of Medusa, which before being known for her petrifying eyes and her snake like hair was once a young girl capable of making anyone fall in love with her at first glance. 

The beautiful red corals we see today were formed from a few drops of Medusa’s blood which fell into the water. 

Today these corals adorn the Mediterranean sea with their beauty.


  • Material : Natural brown diamonds / Natural rubies / Natural sapphires / Natural tanzanite / Natural radiolite
  • Parure composition: Rings / Earrings / Necklaces
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