Handmade rings

In which Nyami jewelry collection can I find the handmade rings?

Nyami jewelry collections are realized by hand, so constantly changing: each item is a unique piece created by the lost-wax casting process. If you like our handmade rings, here are the collections where you can find them

Handmade rings

Nyami handmade rings are inspired by the nature, by the patterns of the waves crashing on the rocks of the Liguarian Coast, by the corals dancing in the water, by the treasures hidden in the sea foam or in the sand dunes created by the tide.
There silver or bronze rings, enriched by white or pink pearls or by the very rare Cook Islands black pearls, are unique pieces able to transmit all the energy and elegance of the elements from which they drew inspiration. The hand-crafted production of the rings makes each piece different from the other one.

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