Handmade necklaces

In which Nyami Jewelry collections can I find the handmade necklaces?

Nyami jewelry collections are realized by hand, so constantly changing: each item is a unique piece created by the lost-wax casting process. If you like our handmade necklaces, here are the collections where you can find them

Handmade necklaces

Corals that chase each other in the sea currents, precious laces drawn by the waves on the rocks, pearls embedded in the waves, intricate textures as the leaves of a tree, sand dunes in the hidden coves: each glimpse of nature can inspire unique creations, as these handmade necklaces that get force and beauty from the environment and its observation.
Each Nyami jewel is a unique and irreplaceable piece, in which silver and bronze, enhanced by multicolor pearls, almost seem to come alive.

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