Handmade earrings

In which Nyami Jewelry collections can I find the handmade earrings?

Nyami jewelry collections are realized by hand, so constantly changing: each item is a unique piece created by the lost-wax casting process. If you like our handmade earrings, here are the collections where you can find them

Handmade earrings

The metal, polished or rough, takes shapes almost organic and alive, that are very similar to the natural elements from which is inspired. The white and pink pearls, or the black ones from an atoll in the Cook Islands, embellish the composition, witnesses of an heritage of beauty of which the nature can be a bearer.
The handmade Nyami earrings, unique handmade pieces, are the perfect accessory to refine your everyday look, but also to give a touch of originality for a special occasion.

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