Handmade bracelets

In which Nyami Jewelry collections can I find the handmade bracelets?

Nyami jewelry collections are realized by hand, so constantly changing: each item is a unique piece created by the lost-wax casting process. If you like our handmade bracelets, here are the collections where you can find them

Handmade bracelets

Nyami handmade bracelets are unique pieces realized with a process which is completely manual. At first it involves the creation of a wax sculpture of the jewel and then its metal casting by a plaster mold that is for single use only.
This technique used for the creation of these handmade jewels, together with their design inspired by nature, especially by the marine environments, give each jewel a particular power and a touch of originality which make them perfect as a gift or to make your look more exclusive and refined.

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