Handmade jewelry Made in Italy 

Far away in the magical Cook Islands the corals held to the tides while a white moon illuminates a sky adorned with a thousand stars. 

In the two lines of the "Cook Islands" collection the image of nature is both powerful and delicate. 

The line "Corals of Aitutaki" is inspired by the beautiful corals of this atoll and by the tides which create marvelous designs with intricate forms. Here nature is not minimalist but indulges itself in different and unique shapes. 

The moon, "The Atiu black moon" inspires the second and more minimalist line.

It shines on this semi deserted island where the absence of artificial light lets nature express itself better at night. 






  • Material : Silver or bronze / Avaiki Cook Islands Black Pearls
  • Parure composition: Rings / Earrings / Necklaces
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